Terms Of Services

SMMXP has created the technology and system of services for you to be able to read the following terms of services and have clarity. If you violate the terms of service, the authority will not take responsibility to pay for your loss. Don’t forget to read during your visits and use our services.

You agree to follow our services when you order. We will not consider your knowledge later.

Without prior announcement, the authority has the right to update or modify the terms and conditions. If you read these with patience, you can avoid unwanted incidents.

You should use the SMMXP services that comply with the terms agreed to when you joined the site. You should also see these if you’re trying to determine who might be responsible for a post.

As the rate of services changes from time to time, it may change the features of terms and conditions.

The delivery duration may differ depending on the number of orders. However, our system can provide you with an estimated time duration of the delivery.

To ensure the service level for our resellers, we always strive to update the standard. When our customers request a new service type, we hold the right to correct it.

If you break the terms and conditions, we will: Suspend your account.

We will refund your remaining balance through the payment gateway you used to get our services.

Good to Know

SMMXP won’t be responsible for professional losses as you control every aspect of your business.

We won’t be responsible for suspending or removing your content by authorized social media managers.

SMMXP promotes various social media accounts, including YouTube, SoundCloud, Vine, Pinterest, and more, to help clients increase their social media presence. While we guarantee fans and followers according to your payments, we cannot guarantee engagement from brand followers on social media accounts.

Please note that not all accounts may have an image, bio, or content, but we aim to make each account as legitimate as possible. As the most trusted SMM panel, we have strict rules against uploading prohibited and adult material, and we advise matching the content standard of the social media network for optimal results.

Please be aware that our system cannot refill lost engagement or other social media points, as we do not have information on where the loss occurred. Therefore, our services cannot be used as a refill strategy.

Before placing or submitting an order, you must deposit a certain amount of money or credit into your account. You can easily add funds to your account through well-known payment gateways such as VISAMaster Card, WebMoney, Perfectmoney, Payoneer, Payeer, and Bitcoin. First, sign up for the SMMXP store. Then go to the add fund page and choose your payment gateway. Once the deposit is completed, the credit will be deposited into your wallet within a few minutes.

If your store receives a complaint about the service or if the customer is unsatisfied with the goods, we reserve the right to take legal action against the client. In this case, it may terminate the client’s store and account in our database.

To meet the customer’s request, the authority will cancel the request or refund it. If we fail to deliver your order, you will receive credit in your SMMXP account as a customer.

If you complete the order after the order is completed, we will not be responsible for the social media broken URL, username, account termination, etc.

The authority can’t refund an order associated with a private or misled social media account. You should be alert while placing the order.

If you pay for things with stolen credit cards or cards that another person uses, your account will be terminated.

Using one server for the same webpage is recommended at a time. You will not be able to get the correct number of followers and likes. The refund balance won’t be added to your bank account.

Privacy policies may be an issue between you and our reputation. Privacy policies are maintained to avoid unwanted breaks ups with you. Sometimes, our system will use your shared data to help you. We can experience, explore, exploit and enjoy better growth opportunities and technologies together. Before getting our services, you should know about the policies.

Data composition

Ensure you have read the privacy policy and that you are not doubtful of any of its points. SMMXP built a data composition system so users could make better choices about the data they were sending. We value your privacy and appreciate your visiting, using, or continuing to use the site.

User Data To Deliver Personalized Services

Our Data Composition System will collect and compile the following data to create transactions, maintain our financial records, and manage our business and client services. It will also analyze all data related to our business and personalize customer service.


Skype ID

IP Address

Phone Number

User and Brand Name

Social Media User Name

Use preferences and cookie history

The Cookie Definition

Cookies are small pieces of data saved on your computer’s hard drive. They can be used for tracking your web browsing.

Our servers can sometimes collect data from your digital devices, which allows us to store information on your surfing habits and other things you may have shared on the site.

Usage Of Our Cookies

Our cookies are used to make sure smmxp.com is trouble-free. Cookies are used to track the behavior of users and display content that’s relevant to them. The data is used for marketing, analysis, and statistical purposes. We use cookies that are necessary for the technical management of the system and the site. You can modify this setting through your browser.

Cookie Management

A cookie is a piece of data that is sent to a server. You can modify the browser to block cookies. To set the cookies policy in the browser section of the tool. A browser can be configured to avoid cookies from diverse websites but not others, to ensure the use of cookies without your concern, or to notify you when a cookie has been installed. Most browsers allow cookies.

Security Of The Data

SMMXP does not use your data for anything other than to provide information about the services. Contact information is not used for our marketing. The payment information is secure because of the use of SSL technology.

Updates Of The System

The system can be changed or updated. Changes may be made without a prior announcement. The revised rules will be on the website.